Monday, June 21, 2010

Fish Time

As soon as I realized that we would need to move out of our apartment in a few weeks (after living here for 6 years), I found myself very oriented to the fish image. It might be the obvious trick of trying to adopt close to your heart the "flowing with the stream" cliche, to make it smooth and easy as posibble or the desperate need of a real good fish meal which is well connected in my mind to some great restaurants in the Tel-Aviv harbor, where they serve grilled fish with enough lemon slices, and as an extra, toward the end of June, humid air and a descant summer.... with sun, blue sky etc.

Thinking about the beach there, compare to the cold and windy ocean coast here, the summer there and the what is more like mid-fall here (right now), I couldn't stop myself from moving to a blue fish variation. A simple natural need , I guess, to adjust myself to the real place I am living in, my "real" life...

But surely enough, the weather is only a cosmetic element, and finding a roof to put above your head for the next year is a crucial one. After flowing with the orange and the blue stream, I moved on trying to imagine the new apartment/house space itself. First thing first. The entrance. Of a new place. Your everyday door. Your guests. Your life.

This is my wish fish. A happy one, swimming in colorful waves, safe in its own space. Smiling.


Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful fish cutting boards! Perfect for the summer months!

אומנית זעירה said...

Thank you so much Miss Val!