Thursday, April 22, 2010

Off The Waffle

Moshe wanted us to celebrate his 39th birthday in this new place called "Off the Waffle". Great! Who can say "no" to a waffle? Such a treat and you always can top it with pile of fresh fruit and even feel that it is healthy for you. 
As we entered the place we realized immediately that this place is a huge hit. It was so crowded and lively - and people looked so happy and relaxed. Every corner glared with an organic and environment friendly aura. It happened quickly and it wasn't hard at all: falling in love with this cute little place that is designed in such a cool and pure way was something you drop into and also feel in a moment like a better person. The walls are painted with bright orange and covered with kid drawings on small sheets of light brown recycled papers. The Subject of these paintings? You guessed correctly: waffles!
On a large table a surreal statue of a female body painted with bold colors gives a touch of  60s erotic folk art (most popular style of art in Eugene).

 I loved these Bananas hanging there like that,  
giving a Caribbean touch and matched perfectly with this hot orange background!

 I loved the folk statue that stood proudly on the main table!
 I loved these kid drawings,
and how they use them to decorate the place!

Moshe's Waffle - with mango sorbet and coconut flakes
I LOVED their dishes and the fact that 
they don't use plastic plates, cups or silver ware!

My waffle - with fruits of the season
I admired the reasonable size of the waffles and its
modest natural way of serving!
Perry's waffle - with chocolate chips

All the three of us just loved the first few bites
But none of us could finish his or her waffle!!!

With a very heavy feeling we left "Off The Waffle", searching for relief. It was the kind of heaviness that easily moves from your stomach to your mind, slowly but directly. 
Moshe was so sad, he said that each one of his 39 years tells him that he is too old for that kind of stuff and I reminded him that its not just the age but also the fact that we carry an inner Mediterranean system of how to handle food, and even if Americans make it light, organic and friendly it doesn't necessarily means we can survive it. 

Only one time a person can be 39 YO sharp, so no other way - we had to correct this folky experience on the next day (as soon as posibble). We went for lunch at the "king estate winery" to have a fine French-style food ,with great wine, colorful tulips, open view and a lot of fresh air.

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