Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pirate-Ship Art

Perry has always been a very focused kid, knowing exactly what he wants to the smallest detail. His ability to focus became very clear when he pronounced his first word at age of two: "Auto" (meaning an "automobile" both in Hebrew and in English). This short word described well his interest for the next 3-4 years. Cars, cars and more cars!

The Cars period
(Tempera paints on paper)

4 YO

Since about a year ago (age 6 YO) he smoothly switched from cars to ships, mainly pirate ships, and for Hanukkah, he asked from his grandfather a big Lego pirate ship.
Sure - I didn't like the idea of new 1000 small pieces of Lego in our tiny tiny apartment, that I have assumed will be sooner or later spread all over the place, as happened with the previous Legos. I also didn't (and still don't) like pirates in general - their profession, the guns, the swords, their mustaches, the way they talk and the skull on their flags.... the bandannas are cool, though.
But, it's hard to say "no" to your kid (especially since pirates are so common at that age) and to a long distant loving grandfather. Looking back on that decision I admit that the motto - "Never say never", a mother bible quote has been proved right. I do like, a lot, the fact that my little transportation guy, has become much more artistic since these pirate ships joined our home. You can't never know what things are going to be inspiring - it's a very tricky secret.
Like an obsessed artist, Perry decorates our house with his own variety of pirate ship paintings. In addition it is fun to see and fascinating to hear (most of the time...) all his detailed explanations about each one of them.

A big Lego pirate ship
Not cheep - but a fair deal for an excellent
source of inspiration.

A pirate ship (Acrylic on canvas)
Almost 7 YO

In Perry's paintings and drawings
- pirates are always Americans (!)
so the American flag
is always proudly blowing in the wind.

A pirate ship (Markers on paper)
Almost 7 YO

On this boat - (markers drawing) - there is of course a fight between the good guys and the bad guys (all of them are wearing cool bandannas). This time, the American flag is combined with the local and popular identity item - a small flag of the "Oregon Ducks" (green with a yellow "O" at the center) - meaning, I guess, that these are super duper "good guys". Also there is a green piece of an island on the left and if you ask yourself, like I did, what are these orange pointy shapes? well - the artist explains that it's the sunset, reflecting in the water.

A pirate ship (Acrylic on canvas)
Almost 7 YO
...If you didn't notice: this pirate ship painting includes also
many fish and the image of kitty our cat

You shouldn't compare yourself with your kid - but I can't hold it and I'm going to do it for a moment.
As a kid, I liked to play with dolls, collect stickers, erasers and napkins and I did like to draw too.
I feel that Perry's pirate ship paintings series is full with energy originating from an activity that gives him joy and satisfaction. The pleasure that is expressed in his paintings throws me back to the wonder that I felt when drawing as a kid.
I know (and hope!) that you don't do it for me, but - thank you so much Perry! - It makes me feel very happy!

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