Monday, October 12, 2009

Cards and a Movie for the Orange Season

This is the second part of my orange season installment.
Perry had already been in a pumpkin patch on Friday. He brought home a cute little pumpkin and had me carve a happy face out of it. "She is a ghost but not a scary one - a happy ghost" he explained. Pumpkins craft is not part of my legacy - No orange pumpkins in Israel and no Halloween (I know for some people it is hard to believe) but we do have Purim which is on march and you have all this costume celebration (many leftover costumes from Halloween I guess). But I do have my greeting cards legacy and I do admire the orange color.

Athena - Mosaic and Flowers Cards

Smart and yet Pretty - Athena

I have this dramatic romantic card based on a photo of an ancient mosaic of Athena. This card is based on a combination of two objects that I love to photograph: ancient mosaics and garden flowers and leaves. I have carefully chosen photos from my mosaic collection and my flower and leaves collection and have put them together to create this card.

Other orange cards that I made are hand painted cards: I drew them with acrylic colors on high quality brownish recycled cardstock paper. The foliage leaves are here and I find it impossible to ignore their inspiration...

hand painted fall cards
Hand Painted fall CardsHand Painted fall Cards

The Foliage Magic

Set of Two Hand Painted Cards

But Back to Purim and regarding the orange season (...Thanksgiving is around the corner):
Have you seen the movie : "For Your consideration" (2006) ?

Athena - Mosaic and Flowers CardIn Hebrew:
"והזוכה הוא"

What a brilliant witty and funny movie!
Since I saw it every time that I hear or say the holidays name of Purim or Thanksgiving I cannot hold it and I smile a refreshing wide smile.
I think it is a must movie, at least t for any Jewish American and anybody that craves a comedy that combines amazing acting with subtle irony.

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