Friday, October 23, 2009

My Cards, His Cards

Perry and I did it again.
Actually we are still doing it: adjusting to the outside culture.
He is 6 YO so it is a normal thing, I guess, and I always needed to adjust my inner unclear culture to the outside one, at least that is what I feel (Please don't tell anyone...)
Being clearer - this week we are publishing some brand new printed greeting card to the world:
Perry built some abstract sites with his wooden blocks; we took pictures of them, then continued working on the designs on the computer. Lately we have started adding his favorite characters to his cards.
What I like about designing cards with him is seeing how he develops his cultural skills and, of course, his visual skills (holding myself not to say "isn't my little artist a genius?"...)

season's greeting cardsJerry (in his blue car) and the parking lot
(Perry's card)

Jerry from "Tom & Jerry" is the no-doubt little hero for millions of children, since the early TV days.
Few cultural adjustment questions:
  • who loves mouses outside of the cartoon world?
  • Have you ever seen a mouse that that looks nearly as sweet as Jerry?
Bottom line:
Tom and Jerry is a heart warming animated show about two sweet creatures who try to kill each other.

season's greeting cardsThe pizza delivery boy (on the left) at The Palace Door
(Perry's card)

Few cultural adjustment questions:
  • How many people never had a delivery person at their door?
  • How many people live in palaces?
Bottom line:
Pizza is delivered everywhere and even to our kids' wooden fantasies.

As for me, my new adjustment to the culture is designing this new "season's greetings" cards.
The holiday season is here. I have already designed and printed my Hanukkah cards and even added on the back my secret Latkes recpie, but I felt kind of atraction toward these wintry cards, cold colors and wild wintry nature and landscapes......... it's so wild and still elegant - I love it!

Hanukkah Menorah and Dreidel greeting cards
So I collected my winter items: fabric patterns of snowy naked trees, a wooden reindeer from Perry's room and my snowy mountain painting. I took all of these and made it looks like a fabric tapestry collage.

season's greeting cardsCultural adjustment question:
  • I'm so cold in the winter here - how come I was attracted to feel this freezing alpine atmosphere?
Bottom line:
Beauty makes you feel warm, even if the temperature is cold.


devonaz said...

Very cute cards,,,love them..

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thanks Devon!

Erica said...

WOw... makes me want to order some pizza :)

What a fun thing to do together.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

It is a lot of fun (almost like eating a good Pizza...)