Saturday, October 3, 2009

A few pictures from Eugene's Saturday Market

Before the faithful colorful Saturday market of Eugene (Oregon) is metamorphosing to its indoor holiday version and changes it's name to "The Holidays market", I went to take some pictures.
The Saturday Market represents the unique qualities of the town: very crafty and local, so environment friendly, organic and kind of stuck in time - the 60th are still here, Hippies - old and young (?!) are all over the place.

Clay vendor and artist - orange dressed

Hard to describe vendor (A)

Hard to describe vendor (B)

Bird clay vendor and artist reading
(Look at his shirt)

Hat vendor


Face painting

As the Saturday market begin its season on April, it rains almost every Saturday between 10:00 - 15:00. Maybe as a good bye greeting it was a sunny Saturday. Such a pleasure adventure to walk between all these vendors, meet so many unique crafts makers and their works.
To say the truth, most of them looked pretty sleepy and tired by 2:00 PM but on the other hand they agreed for me to take their pictures.
Don't you find them inspiring?


californiablue said...

Last year we visited friends in Eugene and they brought us to the wonderful Saturday market. I found it absolutely inspiring!

elsiee said...

I love this market, you captured the "hard to describe" so beautifully that NO description was necessary!