Monday, August 24, 2009

Pictures from Seattle

Going with a kid to visit a large city is always an adventure.
How long will he let you stay in the few places where both grown-ups and kids have fun?
We weren't naive when we went up north to Seattle, and I think it worked for us pretty well. Maybe because the city is simply beautiful and lively, so even when you fall into a "parent trap" you can still enjoy the "in betweens"* , the outside sites.
The main attraction we targeted was the Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum, since it centered around music which all the three of us are into and science fiction, which every 6 YO and his father build at least part of their common manhood identity on (the Star Wars series is the minimum).
Beside that the building
(designed by Frank O Gehry) itself looks so amazing online - no creature can be bored there!
So here we are at the Seattle Center:

Moshe and Perry going in to the amazing and unusual
Experience Music
Project / Science Fiction Museum
(amazing on the inside too)

Perry....after 30 minutes - running out of
Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum
to the
near by kitsch and well known kid trap:

Bumping Cars

Later when we had lunch Perry, as he always does,
let me
color the activity page for kids
(and as always he gave me clear and accurate instructions)

Finally - the best part of the day
watching kids TV at the hotel

* The in betweens:

Pike Market
Amazing sunflowers - no kid can ruin that!

The Space Niddle and Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum
what an inspiring piece of sky!

We had great time in Seatlle - I think we are ready to go down south to San francisco!


Glitzer said...

Lovely pictures! Very heart warming and beautiful!

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you Gitzer for your sweet comment!

Studio618 said...

Coming down to SF, you'll need to take your son to the Exploritorium. All 3 of you will have lots of fun. Hope you enjoy your stay here in the SF area. Thanks for stopping by my blog - gosh, in the middle of your vacation. :)

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

See You in SF and I'll remember to visit the may take some time until we'll make it to there, though.....