Monday, August 31, 2009

Old Fashioned, in a Good Way

I wrote earlier that I am, in some senses, a cave person. I didn't imagine that a wonderful, "cave style fun" is waiting for me every Friday just around the corner at Saginaw Vineyards.
Luckily we have our friends, Lowell and Andrew, who had invited us to join them on one of these evenings.
This small unpretentious winery is one of many wineries of the Willamette valley. Unlike some other, larger wineries in the region that bring their grapes from all over the country,Saginaw uses local grapes - the result is amazing! My favorite wine is Chardonnay and they have a great 2007 Chardonnay!
Every Friday evening during the summer they open the winery yard for people to come and enjoy their wines and a live music show.
The owners serve the wine in a very informal way, meaning without all the unnecessary shticks...

The Owners and Moshe

As a half-cave-woman I love this place : it is so old fashioned in a good way. Nothing like these fancy-schmancy events for"the member club of the winery".
It happens, Sometimes that you visit a winery just when it hosts one of these high profile events. Every member is so shiny and can bites the cracker with the cheddar cheese so gently... These events make me feel like a dusty country mouse (and my hair did get gray lately...)

Saginaw Vineyards
Charming Tasting Room

Any way, at Saginaw music evening, the yard and the tasting room gave me the feeling I'm exactly at the right place.
The design of the tasting room is so warm and cozy and the backyard has this amazing huge old tree that we set under (I am aware of the fact that big trees are not a big deal for local people here in the north west but for me it is still a miracle)

Take a look at this one piece tree, isn't it amazing?

Lowell, Andrew and Elizabeth (performing)
(same tree)

Perry, dancing to the band's Cowboy style music

It was our first evening at this charming place and the summer is almost over...


nomadcraftsetc said...

Old fashioned is just the begining of what I am! :) Great post! LOVEd reading it and looking at the pictures!

Peebs And Roo said...

I love wineries! My favorite one is a few miles away and they have the most awesome view ever! The building where they do the tastings sits on a hill and when you look over, you see the amazing view of the vineyard! It's very breathtaking!

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you so much Janelle for your warm comment, and it's good to know I am not alone... ("the old fashioned thing")

Adrienne - you probably talk about the King Estate Winery - I agree! it's absolutely an amazing place and location - I wrote about it on my post (there is a picture of it too) :

La Alicia said...

great pictures -- looks like a great place!