Friday, April 3, 2009

The Peace Dove Syndrome

I have asked my mom to send me tow food products from Israel that I really miss.
One is "Dove Tahini" and the second one is the best Halvah she can find.
Sure, we got Tahini and Halvah in the food stores here but their taste is so far from "the real thing" that I want to cry.

The real thing - Karawan Tahini ("The Dove Tahini")

If you are not familiar with these, here is a short descriptions: Both are made of sesame. The Tahini is like the lighter "sister" of Humus. It's common to have a bit Tahini sauce on the top of a Humus plate (.....I'm not sure about the "sister" metaphor anymore....).
Anyway - what I asked my mom is Tahini (of which you make the Tahini sauce by mixing it with some water, lemon juice, parsley and garlic - then with a piece of bread, ideally pita bread, you are all set).

The Halva comes in hard sweet blocks, touched with rose water and it can comfort you any time. Amazing by itself or on a slice of bread.

A Fantasy - Halva blocks at the Market
Photo by Sigh Lens (Flicker)

I think that for Israelis who are into food (at least in the Tel-Aviv area, where we came from), it is common knowledge that the best Tahini you can buy is the "Dove Tahini" that comes from the Arabic city of Nablus ("Shchem", in Hebrew) (politically - a very "spicy" location, major conflict point, deep in the West-Bank) "Dove" is not the real name of the brand but since it's recognized by a dove symbol - this became it's common name.
If you are not closely familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, any relationship based on pleasure between Tel-Aviv and Nablus would seem hard to believe but still this is how it is.

The Halva my mom sent me is also from the West-Bank but from the Jewish city of Ma'ale Adumim (another politically "sweet" locationl).
Notice to this fact : both products have a dove in common. Since the company that makes the Halva's brand named "Peace Dove". Now good advice - Please think at least twice before driving from the Tahini place to the Halva place - though it's just a short drive it's not exactly inspired by peaceful doves.

The "SULTAN" Halvah package
100% Peace Dove (written in Hebrew / black letters

I thought about it this week, since between eating these two delicacies I also worked on my new Hamsa magnet set designs. While facing this old symbol I wondered how it came that both Islam And Judaism - which are not relatives in anyway these days, share the same symbol for blessing and good luck - with the same evil-eye protector.
I don't have an answer but I added to my Hamsas, like many do - a dove and the word "shalom" (peace in Hebrew letters). Just in case.


thecraftbegins said...

It's funny how a food product can be so politically loaded.

jason c. said...

karawan tahini, israel’s best tahini is now available in the u.s!!!
available sizes 450g ,1kand 18k
to order please call 949-945-7397

Anonymous said...
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