Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sex and The City - What A Pity

Sex and The city (the movie) What a disaster!
We just got it in our "on demand" cable option and although I saw how the original series deteriorated slowly but safely (with all this "Big" in Paris Cinderella trash) I thought that at 11:00 pm I can start to see it even if it won't be brilliant if only as a nostalgic journey to the time when I was a fan of the series (late in the second millennium). All those ideas of women as independent human beings (with both mind and body) - sharing real thoughts about men and sex and self - it was pretty brilliant and funny back then (10 years ago!)

Sex and The city :The Movie

Oh yes, it was long long time ago - sure I feel old when I think about it but hey these ladies are also much older now. I can't believe how they can still be playing princes stories for first graders.
It didn't take more than a few minutes to realize that this movie is (so) bad but I knew that I would see till the end - No doubt about it - it's an important lesson in life to see how your "heroes" sell themselves out to the sharks. It took me 3 evenings to go through the whole 151 minutes and to feel sad for my lost youth and heroes.

Sure I'm not that naive - this movie has nothing with the original idea of the original series.
This two-hours-and-a-half trash is all about selling. An infinite march of hidden and not-so-well hidden commercials for the most expensive clothes, accessories, real estate and, of course - the main pattern cliche of the leading character "Carrie Bradshaw" - shoes! To graduate the "Carrie Bradshaw (tm)" love lessons successfully means to be ready to die for a pair of shoes and the obsession for footwear summarizes the concept of the sophisticated woman. Oh this is so feminine and sweet! isn't it? This is what we are all about...

Picture by wikimedia
Where are your shoes, woman?

After taking part in this farse, I guess these actresses won't need my dollar (or Shekel) for the rest of their lives but I swear that - between the lines of shoes, the hair dressing and the mechanic sex - I saw how ridiculous they felt acting such a poor materialistic script.

Am I naive or were the actresses not only embarassing but also embarrassed?


thecraftbegins said...

I loved it, in a kitschy way, but i agree with you.

Melody Seal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I agree, the lady in pink was my favorite too!
p.s i haven't seen the film, but i don't think i missed much by the sound of it! xx

dana said...

I couldn't agree with you more.