Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Friend - "Curb your Enthusiasm"

Getting closer to the Passover dinner - SEDER PESACH feels me with contradicting feelings.
Starting with being far from my family in Israel right at the middle of the green cold Willamette Vally of Oregon, my thoughts travel in circles - It's Passover! - here the day of the Seder is at the middle of the week - everybody works, the routine controls it all, it's not like in Israel where the Seder starts a long break. I don't like the idea of having the SEDER with sweaty guests, running directly from their work to vacuum my matzoh ball soup. I want it to be fun and relaxing with all the 4 red wine glasses.........
Should I move the Seder to the weekend? it's just a couple of days froward - is it a crime?
What my family in Israel would think - completely out of order? etc. etc.
Circle within a circle of a nonproductive debate with my self - but hey! wait! I have vision an ideal Seder - South of here, in sunny and fancy LA - one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen on screen - THE SEDER episode from "Curb your Enthusiasm" (Fifth season, episode 7) what a masterpiece!

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Fifth season
תרגיע" - העונה החמישית" I wrote here before - I'm not going to tell you the story if you wish to have fun - go and experience it yourself.

Since my husband is doing his PHD on "comedy" I really try to get closer to the subject.
I found that most of the things he works on regarding to humor are more depressing then amusing, but hey - "Curb your Enthusiasm" is an exception....Maybe that's why after considering it as part of his dissertation....... he decided to leave it out (too funny...)
Anyway we have all the six seasons' on DVDs at home and I must tell you this is a real treasure. It follows and hugs you like your best honest friend with who ridicules all the stresses of your life, including the holidays.
If you consider yourself as a creature who can look at himself with a bit irony - I think you will like it too.

And NO - I didn't like Seinfeld at all!

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