Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why mix stupid with fun?

If you know the need to end your day on your sofa watching a fun romantic comedy that is not too insultingly dam, much too sugary or has Drew Barrymore as an unmarried sweet girl in her early 20th ( no matter how old she really is) then keep on reading.

In general, I don't understand the common industry assumption that that causes the industry to produce most of the time idiotic fun. Aren't there any smart people who want (NEED) to see a light yet witty movie from time to time?
Correct - I do think it's a pretty heavy issue - give us, the thinkers, some quality time too!

Why mix stupid with fun? We need some quality time too!

Anyway, yesterday I saw the Australian movie "Danny Deckchair"- highly recommended!
No, I won't tell you the story because I hate it when people tell me what a movie or a book I didn't see/read yet is about. What's the point?
For me coming to my sofa or to the cinema seat as a clean sheet is a must.

Danny Deckchair

Since I watched "Muriel's wedding" I feel that something works right in the Australian film manufacture. They got such a healthy honest ironic self humor and the actors look natural and not like coming out of a plastic surgeon's catalog. In the American movies, I truly miss that real life quality.

Muriel's wedding

Talking about real life - Muriel's wedding, which has the songs of ABBA for soundtrack and uses these 1980s pop hits to make life a more appealing experience, is a smart brilliant and also amusing movie. What a difference it is to see Mama Mia with the same songs and with such a stupid story (though it is fun to see Meryl Streep enjoying herself so much...)

Here and there my American friends asked me about an Israeli movie they just saw ("Did you see it?")


Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi

I'm proud to say that there are a few great Israeli movies to rent here, in public libraries or by Netflix.
Since today I mention two great Australian versions to romantic comedy, here are the two Israeli answers, no war included just smart fun : "Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi" and "Jellyfish".



T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm a good movie fiend, and I agree seldom do good fun and good sense come together for a great film, but when it does it is certainly noteable.

I'm a Woody Allen fan personally...much of it has to do with being a Native of NYC and the genius way in which he reveres the city whilst maintaining a level of realism. If you haven't seen Radio Days, it is one of his more recent comedies for thinkers and no Drew Barrymore! :)

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

I Love Woody Allen too and saw and loved “radio days”!
I agree - his movies, at least from that time are great! ...Lately I saw “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” - what a disappointment…

(My Woody Allen favorite’s movies are “Hannah and Her Sisters”, “Husbands and Wives” - and from the less “light” ones – amazing “Crimes and Misdemeanors” and “Interiors!”)