Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mother and Son Starry Night Fantasy

A few days ago, Perry had to bring one hundred objects to school, "which means," I thought to myself, "they are practicing at school to count to 100," and that's good.

No surprises with Perry - he knew immediately what he was going to take with him:
a hundred of his toy cars.
First I thought "... well I'm not so sure that he has this quantity of toy cars," but after a while, entering the bathroom for a short brake stepping on a truck and then while washing my hands grabbing a small red wooden car from near the sink, where the soap bar should have been, I knew:
He's got more then 100 cars.
After all they are all around the place, not to mention the ones that park legally at his own room.

Counting Cars
(4 more boys brought 100 cars to this "100 celebration" day at Perry's class)

Now maybe that's why he comes at the middle of every night lately to our bed kicking me out of the bed to his room - too much traffic there!

Last night, after my usual post-midnight-trip from our room to his room, looking for my final location for that night I lied on my sensitive back stretching carefully on his too-soft mattress (for over 40 yo people), staring at constellations of plastic stars that we glued there a few months ago (you know, the ones that shine in the dark) and surrounded with, I guess, at least 150 cars .

That was the point when I had my epiphany of the wisdom of Perry's statement of that day:
It happened at the late afternoon, after Perry and Moshe (not me - !!! Yah!!!) came back from 2 birthdays one after the other.
I asked Perry then how was it, was it fun (in Hebrew you can use the same word for fun and beautiful). Since he use to hear from us Hebrew and answer in English he immediately corrected me:
No Ima ("mom" in Hebrew) beautiful staff is for girls - cool stuff is for boys. It was cool, Ima, not beautiful! (since they were boys' birthdays)

Suddenly at the middle of a plastic stray night it all made sense:

100 cool cars for boys.
100 and more beautiful stars for girls.


SleightGirl said...

Wow! That's a lot of cars! He's going to give Jay Leno a run for his money...lol!

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