Friday, March 20, 2009

Like Thunder On A Clear Day

In yoga, and I know this from my yoga class, you want to be "close to your heart" (as I already wrote in my previous list) which can be achieved in the Namaste pose (I love it so much!).

Another repeating saying of my teacher is "enjoy the stretch" - most of the times she says it I think to myself: "is it really necessary to enjoy? it feels so bad.......".
But - I became more disciplined recently and when she instructs us to take pleasure in muscular discomfort I really try to "enjoy it" , which makes me think about all these people that truly enjoy pain.

Anyway yesterday in class, while we were told by our sweet teacher:
"Lie on you back, straight your right leg skyward and flex it, make it active (!) , now bring your left leg skyward too. make with your legs two circles, imagine that you are skating on the sky in circles" (What?!!) and then you bet she ended it with the familiar - ...."enjoy the stretch"

A rolling sound - like thunder on a clear day cut the quiet Indian music to pieces.
Somebody's body I guess had enough - she simply farted....... so loud!

It's a group of nice and kind women, so sure - nobody reacted to this roar in any way. We all continued to "enjoy our stretch". No - I couldn't tell who it was but I was happy that it sounded like it was coming from the other side of the classroom - so no chance anybody will suspect it was me - after all I have an alibi - I was busy enjoying the legs skyward stretch.....

I found the no reaction to this "inappropriate expressive act" to be so feminine - being a polite woman means being in a "hold mood" - control yourself, don't embarrass anyone - and I must tell you that holding myself from laughing after such an amazing stormy public fart was pretty hard!

I'm sure that yesterday all students (except for one...) hurried back home after class and couldn't wait to tell the their spouse ,kids or pets - who usually can't care less about the yoga stuff - the "unbelievable sensational yoga new item."
and you know what?
I bet you some even wrote about it on their blogs !

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T.Allen-Mercado said...

I posted about yogic flatulence some months back. My husband and I were in class together and though I couldn't see his face I could see his ears turning red as we both fought to hold back the laughter. At 35 and 40 you'd think auditory anal eruptions would cease to incite laughter-I guess not. I hope you enjoyed your stretch anyway.