Friday, March 6, 2009

A Different Attitude (Fish)

I wrote so much about Jewish Eastern European traditional food last time and it's mushiness and texture so eventually I was left with the Gefilte Fish images on my computer and in my dreams.

I guess my mind was busy with fish as an image since that came up in my art these last few days. No - this time I can't say it's an activist art. More accurate will be to name it sentimentalist art that expresses my longing to fish meals in Israel - either in restaurant or at my parents'. The everyday casual Israeli fish is so different from the holidays one.......

There are different kind of fish out there in the Mediterranean Sea - means different tastes and different attitude.
The Mediterranean Sea is smaller than the oceans and so the fish are smaller. Add to that the temperament of the all area - many voices - it's not an atmosphere for a cold quiet cod - no pale taste there - the whole scene, the whole plate, is colorful and noisy!

(Visit my Etsy shop for more pictures of this cutting board)

If you go for a fish meal in a restaurant you will be served, as an appetizer, 8-10 small plates with delicious "Tapas" of vegetable including all kinds of herb and spices - no ready-made dressing or sauce - it's all fresh, smells wonderful and comes with a dissent bread.

Photot by canonsnapper (Flicker)

Photo by roupen (Flicker)

Then, only after you are not hungry anymore you will get your fish /seafood with many half lemons. By the way lemon, in my judgment is a divine fruit - so perfect and necessary.

I guess I really miss it. I also miss the fact that you can start your dinner at the restaurant at 10 PM and then smoothly slip with wine and the left over fish bones toward and over midnight.

In Eugene you can dream your dreams about food at 10:00 PM - at home.
Dinner out is over.