Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Magical Mystery Train

The "Orange Car Trip" poster worked for a while but soon Perry became obsessed with trains.
For me it was a good reason to refresh my relationship with my brushes.
One thing I was sure I'd do in the years we staying in Eugene is take the train to San Francisco. The Coast Starlight Train. It's supposed to be an amazing trip crossing the mountains near Crater Lake area then changing direction west to the ocean.

Crater Lake OregonCrater Lake, Oregon

With time I understood that things here in Oregon can be very "slow" - including this line of train.... friends who took The Coast Starlight Train (coming from Seattle) told us that it frequently comes in late and you can be stuck on the mountains waiting for hours till somebody will come to remove the snow from the tracks...... and beside that the toilette rooms weren't the best experience...

Magical Mystery Train greeting cardMagical Mystery Train card

I found the above collage painting of the"Magical Mystery Train" really expressed my feeling and thoughts about the amazing trip I could take (without even driving!) by this train.
I still wonder - to take it or not?

A Forest OregonA Forest, Oregon

might be easy decision if you don't have to imagine yourself with a five years old for a minimum time of 11 hours in a train - stuck somewhere in the wilderness....

Magical Mystery Train print and greeting cardMagical Mystery Train print and greeting cardMagical Mystery Train Print / Card

But with kids "handling" or without - Is it not one of the repeating questions in life? Moving or being stuck or doing both?

And trains? trains are such loaded images.

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