Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Locate yourself mentally

To locate yourself mentally - sometimes it's enough to look through the window.
To confuse yourself more, try to recall as many windows from different locations you experienced in your life.

for me there are two major windows :
The Israeli window and the Oregonian window, and the landscape - can you feel it?
The Oregon landscape are so wild and wide opened compared to the Israeli landscapes. They sure give you the kind of excitement of natural beauty and also the feeling that you are a small human being exploring or lost (it depends on your day.......) in a huge area with a short history or signs of people around.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument,
Painted Hills, Oregon

I found myself longing for this human history feeling, missing the archaeological sites that you see all around in Israel. if you dig you'll find something.
I never felt that way about these old places before, they even seemed to me dusty and boring. But after a year in the North West, the visual experience of these old places suddenly felt so attractive!

Beit ShaanBeit ShaanBeit Shaan Ruins, Israel

On the next visit to Israel we went to see again, with new eyes, the Beit Shaan, Zippori, Hamat Tebria ruines. I took many pictures of these places and of the amazing mosaics floors they have.

I found myself attached especially to the woman portraits and started creating a series of bookmarks and greeting cards influenced by them. They look so beautiful and fresh and yet so old....

To complete the warm (burning) temperatures of these places in the summer I combine the mosaics with my favorite Mediterranean flower that appears anywhere in Israel - always in its bold colors - the bougainvillea. it melted the winter freezing surrounded our house.

Zippori, Israel)

Since I find these roman mosaics so romantic and Valentine's Day got closer I designed 2 more greeting cards specially for Valentine. to keep the window pink.

Valentine's Day Card Deer LoveValentine's Day Card (Deer Love)

Valentine's Day Card Cupid and Psyche

Valentine's Day Card (Cupid and Psyche)

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