Monday, January 19, 2009

"Back to Art"

My "back to art" (the real, handmade art) started thanks to my son Perry. 5 1/2 years old now, a strong character whose focus on cars, airplanes and all other modes of transportation was pure and clear since birth.
One evening after he went to sleep it happened - my mom energy for making him happy + my renewed energy for the basic visual art woke up. I did what I didn't do for a long time - basic collage and sheet painting .

It was not long after when we moved from Israel to Eugene, Oregon (where my husband does his PHD studies) and I was surrounded with all this tourist journals of amazing Oregon.
This orange car I've created for Perry was made by pieces of maps of the town of Bend and the area surrounding it. We also had a few old posters from the university, one of them promoting a Classics Department event - the "Greek" head is from there.

It's quite a big sheet and I framed it for Perry and hang it on the wall. Perry loves it. People that visit our home love it and I noticed people reacted to this poster much more than any other kind of my art that was hanging on the walls....

I decided to turn it to a greeting cards and a prints series!

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icestorm said...

I know this map of Bend, Oregon,
A beautiful town, by the way.