Friday, January 23, 2009

The thing about my cat

It can happen to anybody - you take a cat and after a while you have a cow.
That's how it worked with our kitty, Kitty.
A Black and white strong cat; we picked her from a shelter. She was thin and reminded us the cats in Israel - reasonable size I mean.
She was determined that we were going to take her and not any other of her roommates - soft, white or red haired . she simply talked to us and caught us with her paw. I told my husband, Moshe, "it's a sign, a spiritual event." He replied "don't come complaining to me later, she's a tough one."

well - almost 2 years after and she's nothing like the cats I knew before.
more like a combination between a fat dog and a cow. Since I have been admiring cats since ever and had many before, this cat is a big question for me - can't follow her psychology...... beside the fact that she clearly admires Moshe rather than me....

Kitty cleaning Moshe's head
Click here to see the video

Chess game with kitty

She snores, lies down near the bed, obsessed with taking showers, cleans my husband's head, plays chess, attacks your leg the moment you get close to the computer or to your bed, opens doors - this is not the cat I had in mind.

what I had in mind was more like the cats I've painted on these 2 wooden hearts - wishful thinking cats - Barry and Adeline. actually it is not fully true since after all, these are valentine cats - and you can't expect to have valentine cats all year round, the sweetest on earth - Adeline and the jumpy cleaver and friendly - Barry.

Perry, my son, gave her the name Kitty - back then she was small and he was young enough to give the most direct title to an object.
Today he admire dogs. As for his relationship with kitty, these are.... very complicated.....

Kitty is for sure real life - not so pure, absolutely neither predictable nor close to what somebody dreamed she would be like...
This real-life cat is tough and most of the time hungry for a bite....

Real Kitty and the Valentine's cats

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