Monday, February 22, 2010

Twin Florence

I've never understood the idea of twin towns and sister cities, beside the fact that it is probably a smooth way for some workers of the city council to get free trips abroad, to the beloved "twin".
I also find it hard to realize why so many places in the US are named after famous cities, towns or counties in other places in the world. How difficult is it to come up with a new name - not enough words in English? Places are lack identity so much that they have to adopt one even before they were born?
Whatever the strange reason is, we live about one hour drive south of the town of "Lebanon" (feels almost like living in Israel...) and more exciting - one hour drive east of the town of Florence...
You bet... I also had great visual expectations from a town with this name. Old city, lively piazzas, fountains, great food, pasta and absolutely a fashionable look with plenty of chic.
Forget about it, the town of Florence, Oregon, is one of the towns along the coast that you don't have to stop and visit (unless you need gas, or ice cream or toys... well maybe it isn't so bad), but you certainly will want to explore around it.
That is what we did this past Saturday.
The coast of Oregon is so pretty but don't let it confuse you because of sisterhood names - with any Italian association, including food.
It's not our first time at the dunes but it was our first time in Honeyman State Park, few miles south to Florence.

Honeyman State Park, Oregon
The sweet water lake and the ocean from the top of a dune

Quality time

What an amazing area! Wild thick forest runs on huge dunes hugging sweet water lakes (which are not connected to the ocean's water), and the ocean.
At the middle of February, when it seems like on the east side of this continent somebody has lost the "off" button on his snow machine, you can't ask for more.

BJ's Ice Cream
In Florance (OR) - have a dessert not lunch

But now you become hungry: The food on the coast of Oregon in general is b a d (unless you go up north to Canon beach which is a very popular vacation place of the people living in Portland).
If you are really curios the worse - the place that many people here consider as the best local authentic fish restaurant - is Mo's . They are spread along the coast - what an awful dip fried trap. Even though I'm sure that their fish are fresh and basically great (the ocean nearby is so wide and big - you can't miss it!) they just dip fry them to death and add huge thick yellow toast with extra butter on your plate just to make sure.
Truly, and no matter what I think - in any of their locations - it is always full, and you often have to wait for a seat, including in "Italian" Florence . But since it is my blog and it was my weekend, I remembered the food issue and we prepared ourselves in advance. We bought the best roast beef , 2 avocados, tomatoes, greens and some fine bread in our food store, and fixed some gourmet sandwiches that were (If I watched closely enough the "Rick Steves' Europe" television show) just like in Italy!

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