Sunday, February 14, 2010

The List

Don't worry: we didn't use the Valentine day's greeting cards I had designed for Perry to bring to his classmates - it was too convenient to be true.
Perry came back from school with a coloring sheet for Valentine's day (fish made of hearts) - and insisted that we'd make new Valentine's cards for his peers.
That was the easy part:

The new card - based on coloring sheet for Valentine's day

The more intensive part was that he also insist on writing on the back of the cards a special regards to each kids - regarding their relationship, not always a valentine way but definitely an honest one, sometime with enlightening suggestion for self improvements.
The list of the kids included 23 kids but here are my 2 favorites :
(To see the videos click on "play" >)

"...You I really like because you are kind of silly and you are kind of smart"

"...Be nicer Owen, be a little bit nicer!"
Moshe truly impressed me - he was so good in editing the text whenever it was necessary, and kept his face "blank" , but at this point he didn't hold it anymore, who would?

Perry came back from school on Friday with tons of Valentine cards (Nothing was written on them beside "Happy Valentine Day"...) two balloons and a very happy spirit.
Maybe that's how it works - if you live by your truth, expressing it clearly and never using the ready - made text of cards (Perry of course didn't realize the editing work that Moshe did on his texts) to communicate with your friends, colleagues, family etc. - you are a happy man.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Handmade in Israel said...

What a cute post! Your son is the best! I think your husband's 'editing' work was probaly smart though :)

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you so much, Lisa!