Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sign Language

After creating quite a few hand painted signs I feel I'm about to earn my third language - the wooden sign language. Drawing signs is a special fun. The fact that the door sign contains both a visual image and a verbal theme feels like a new form of communication.

I love it when people ask for special phrase like in this sign that was ordered as a Christmas gift:

Makes me curious :
Who has it as a gift?
A person that serve all day breakfast?
.... Must be a very hospitable person
... Must have a very positive attitude toward dining!

I know it might sound a bit mystic but with any sign I send to its new destination, like this breakfast one, in a way I feel that I'm traveling to the sign's destination ( oh not inside the envelope... I can't imagine myself with these pancakes, maple syrup and yellow butter sharing the tight bubbled envelope space - too sticky, too intimate!... more like an online transportation). I'm being invited into somebody's house ("the unknown people's") or their front door to say something. Not always the most original speech but for sure a loud and clear one.
I come with my wooden sign to take a look, just a brief look, to get the atmosphere, to have less questions about my sign's future.
I often wonder who will adopt my "Swan Lake Bath Time". Right now it hangs in my kitchen (for sure out of contest) where all the others are hung. It is the closest wall to the front door - the closest location to their new destination and to our future shared trips.

Sometimes, when I cook, I imagine us ("Swan Lake Bath Time" and me) sailing (with this one no flying - you must sail!) to the sound of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake toward a far away wooden old style bathroom door. The bathroom walls are painted with dark blue and the sink and bath tube are bright light blue. Hey! that's sounds like a place we've stayed in once at the coast, "Ocean Haven" was it's name!
A perfect fantasy.

Must go there again sometime soon, with or without "Swan Lake Bath Time"...


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Your signs are great...I really love that picture of Ocean Haven...I would love to be there..I could stand and look at that all day...

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you so much! Try "Ocean Haven" it's not that far from WA...