Monday, January 25, 2010

Love and War Objects

Valentine's Day is getting closer. For some reason it reminds me that a couple of years ago Moshe took a class at the university that dealt with Judaism, among other things. The professor (who was not an Hebrew speaker) was excited to tell the students that in Hebrew the word for "Love" and for "War" are the same one, as an example of how engagement and struggle are important in the Jewish religion.
Just to make it clear - there is NO such word in Hebrew, but I guess that's what happens when you meet your own first language far away from its natural location. It becomes surreal.
People have so many ideas about connecting ideas that sometimes they just force it to work for them. And if it's ancient it's even more open for all kind of translations....
That's kind of what Perry and I did this last few days.
Perry already got the alert of Valentine's Day Lunch at school and I realized that the never ending note cards process both for his class mates and his "after school" mates is around the corner.
I tried for one of the first times in my motherhood life (when Perry is 6 3/5 YO) to be a bit useful and practical. Designing note cards for the first time for us and for other kids and their moms... meaning letting other moms use the original digital file - printing (and cutting....) as many cards as they need - after all some families need hundreds of these small note cards!

Combining the works - both for us and for others at the same time - made me feel I'm making an essential step forward toward efficiency!

Connect 2 ideas and force them to work for you!
That's actually what Perry usually does : his first idea is how the card should look and the second idea is that I am the right person to do it for him. This week (... and not for the first time) it was a pirate ship card.
First he built some kind of "assemblage" in his bath (to his eyes an almost perfect boat) then we took a picture of it and went to continue working on it on the computer.

Perry's original pirate ship assemblage
(made in the bath tube)

Perry's Pirate Ship Card
This time Perry also made a progress - he drew some
of the images by himself, using my digital pen - see the fish?

Anyway my beloved Photoshop software has to contain this week files of "love" - loving pairs of cats and owls - and others of "war"- the good guys' pirate ship fights the bad guys' pirate ship.
Might be similar to a uniquely loaded word in some ancient language that I'm not familiar with.

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