Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Life and the Obama Cookie

I found the Obama cookies in the stylish and tasty cafe (pâtisserie) "Sweet Life" - one of the gastronomic pillars of Eugene (OR). We visit "Sweet Life" about once a month - it's a must to make your life sweeter from time to time because otherwise and after all, life is pretty salty.
Yesterday, when we visited the place I noticed the Obama cookie ( in two versions!). I know Americans can be pretty unpredictable with their childish mind - but these cookies were still a shock for me, salty Mediterranean me.

Obama cookie on my french style china
(that was Made In China).

The two versions of the Obama cookies surprisingly got no dark chocolate or dark chocolate chips inside them (Perry's favorite and maybe president Obama's too).
Even though, I had to buy one for Perry... Oh... not for me - I'm too old to eat presidents, for wearing dresses, cigar games etc...

Checking and immediately recognizing:
"It's an Obama cookie!"

First try

"Yuck! Too sweet! I hate when they make it too sweet!"
(...Me too)

After encouraging him perry goes for another try
(Last try)

The Obama's cookie leftover

Too bad ... they should try better :
The image is not everything - Obama's smile can make neither a cookie nor life taste better. Apparently it can feel too sweet, but not in a good way.
If you think about it, this cookie can ruin the man's reputation with kids (the future voters...)

P.S. To do justice - Sweet Life makes great cakes that kids and grown ups love. I strongly recommend Chocolate Orgasm and Cloud 9, which can be shared and combined.


dana said...

thanks Tamar
I enjoy the way you present even the smallest things in life. :)

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

I'm glad to hear that Dana, Thank you so much!