Monday, December 21, 2009

Love Paper and Love Earth Simultaneously

When I saw these recycled cardstock papers, in different pale neutral colors, cards and envelopes packs , at the local craft stores, I couldn't hold it and grabbed a few packs.
The paper is so pretty and sensual it invites you to make art.
The paper was the trigger for starting a hand painted cards series, and I must admit: I think that nothing can make me feel purer (almost a saint) than do this old traditional craft of painting on a recycled paper. Painting by hand was not only moral but also a pleasure! It was as enjoying as having a French style lunch in King Estate Winery, using a lavender oil from a field of lavender that you have visited, and you know what else... (sorry, no link to the last one.)
Anyway here is my wintry start of this hand painted cards series.
I chose to start it with my beloved subjects:

Hand Painted Cat CardsHand Painted Cat CardsHand Painted Cat Cards Hand Painted Cat Cards
"Secrets of cats" and "Tender of cats"
(Acrylic paints on recycled paper)

Hand Painted birds Cards
(Acrylic paints on recycled paper)

Hand Painted birds CardsHand Painted Art Nouveau CardsHand Painted Art Nouveau Cards
(Acrylic paints on recycled paper)

Happy Holidays!


M.M.E. said...

What a great idea! These turned out lovely. It's nice to meet another artist.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you so much Megan!