Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shalom First Grade

Perry started first grade today.

Yesterday - the promo - ice cream social
Moshe volunteered to serve ice cream

Today - Perry ready for first grade
walking to the car

Since my elementary-middle and high schools are not written in my memories as fun chapters or productive places, my feeling toward this event are somewhat mixed.
In short, I would describe my long 12 years from first grade to the end of high school as...very long.
In Israel, after finishing high school you get 2 years (for girls) or 3 years (for boys) in the army, as a bonus.
True - there are many people that I know who are nostalgic regarding these times and experiences in their life - they joined the system and loved it!
After the army, in art school, I felt the closest to a sense of belonging. In the fine art academy some pretty crazy individuals formed a group. It was both inspiring and impossible at the same time, and maybe I am the nostalgic one now...

Entering the classroom of Miss Ricken
All three of us are excited

Filling Forms.
He better do it with Moshe...

Anyway, with the imperfect memories I have with schools I joined Perry to his first morning at first grade. I sure took my camera, both because it is after all an historic event and because I find it so helpful for me whenever I notice mixed emotions in my system.
Mixed feeling are not a rare emotion in parenting life. Still I'm aware of the fact that the school that Perry goes to is so far both in distance and in content from my elementary school.

Parents brought flowers and one mom cried

I was so happy to see this
Beautiful, cute and cozy design of the classroom!
gave my hope!)

Also the hair design of the teachers is completely different.
My first grade teacher looked like a rooster, her hair was red, standing up ready for a fight and Perry's teacher, Miss Ricken, got a funky pony tail.
So - hopefully nothing is the same:


Blanca said...

Dear Perry, Moshe and Tamar,
good luck!
NOTE: After reading this, It seems to me that schools in Bolivia are similar to the ones you have in Israel :)

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you Blanca!
I'm not sure how schools are now in Israel, you know I'm not a teenager and my school years were long long time ago (before the invention of the wheel....)

Barbra said...

The room looks wonderful and I'm sure Perry will thrive...this is coming from a former K-3 teacher. He'll be great!

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you Barbra! I think you are right - today was the second day. I just asked him how was it and he said it was FUN! (and he can be really cheep with compliments...)
Also he looked very happy!