Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Orange Season

I love orange, since ever.
From an early age and a long time before the time I got to know the American culture with all it's holidays industry of colors (read my previous post about The Political Correctness of colors) including The orange one (i.e. Fall - Thanksgiving - Halloween).
Using the orange color in my art always gave me feel relieved and peaceful. Warm, energetic and full with passion, but in a special way not like his close main stream neighbor - the Red (who just can't get away from being a symbol of LOVE LOVE LOVE! or STOP! STOP! STOP! ....How about a new one: STOP LOVE - I guess this one wouldn't work so well....)

I just came back from the food store. I was so happy to see these every year fellows: the small neat orange pumpkins and the Indian corns that are so pretty but still always seem like they need a visit at the dentist's.
This fresh stuff at the food store still feels so exotic to me even though we've been living here 5 years now, and the seasons are the same every year... I know it would give my American friends a wide smile ("this is exotic?") so in addition I must say clearly: pumpkin pie is my limit in flexibility to a different culture - I found it strongly disturbing!

Pumpkin pies or a stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving, Apple with honey for Rosh-Hashanah:
I won't pretend that I could really wait with this Orange thing. Since I am so ready for an orange opportunity (as a constant state of mind) I already made some items for this season and I want to share some pictures with you.

Until I have to refuse the pumpkin pies slices (but I will accept a nice piece of a stuffed turkey and an extra serving from the stuffing), I wish you a happy new Hebrew year, L'shanah Tova!

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