Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm In Love Again

In many ways I feel like a cave woman compared to people my age. I have no microwave in my kitchen and no GPS in the car, I hardly use the cell phone (only two or three emergency calls per week) I do not communicate with my friends and family through SMS and the mini notebook I received as a gift I sent back to the store.
Still from time to time it hits me too - I fall in love with a piece of technology.
Last time it happened I was in my mid 30th. I got to know the animation software Flash, and the photo editor Photoshop. I had a complete crash on both of them. I attached with such a deep feelings to these two that when I was working with them it frequently happened that I stopped for a moment and let all the and admiration and thankful feeling replete all my emotional and physical systems. Just to be it - true love.
Flash has a young spirit, fresh, airy and witty. Photoshop, is the smart old lady with high abilities to give you the best adventure while you try to make life prettier (and I'm not talking about removing acne from a super model's perfect skin!) .
It may sound too poetic but it's such a relaxing thing for me to know that these two are always here for me.
Our relationship for years now are so true and honest.

Now in my early 40s it hits me again - the iPod. Moshe bought me one as a gift but it took a few months till I started using it. It was after I realized that my everyday walking is probably good for my body but is so depressing to my soul. The opposite than what it is supposed to be. I found myself developing the most apocalyptic thoughts during my 30 minuets walking, thoughts that motivated me to make my walk shorter and shorter. Since I saw so many people on the trails wearing iPods It reminded me : Hey I got one at home too!....

New relationship

Since then, I have a new rule - no walking without Ipod. My favorite Israeli Music or Bach, makes all the difference between half an hour of self-grilling and relaxing pleasure. I put the volume on the maximum and walk in my own private show. What a cleaver item, tiny ,so simple to use (Play, Pause, Forward, Backward. Done) and has such nice picture of an apple on top - it must be healthy.
But few days ago it broke all the expectation that I could have from such a tiny piece of metal.
It succeeded in dramatically changing the horrible routine experience of a visit to the dental hygienist. I was so grateful and surprised when my sweet (new) dental hygienist asked me if I wanted to use headphones or my iPod during treatment. No dental hygienist asked me that before, they always seems to ask you so many questions about yourself while you practically can't answer.
While you open wide and the air thing sucks all the disgusting leftovers that use to be attached to you teeth, the iPod can't block completely the awful noises and the fact that when you lie there you feel like an old horse or some other big helpless animal but it is comforting to recognize your favorite melody out of these noises and sensations.

Bach - frees you from the helpless animal feeling
Photo by Wikimedia

It for sure reduce the hapless animal feeling, since after all only human beings can think he is a cave man, pay somebody to clean his or her teeth and at the same time hear the sound of the redecorating at Johann Sebastian's house, some three hundred years ago.


Joy De Vivre Design said...

Great post! I feel that way about the iphone. I don't know how I ever lived without it! If I am lost it finds my way. If I want to eat dinner at a new place it will tell me if it is good or not. I can shop on it or pay bills.

Isn't it awful when we get so attached to technology!?

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thanks Heather!
True-it's awful........ but amusing too...