Monday, July 27, 2009

Guilt Feelings and The Foggy Ocean

I'm not a cool mom, and we are not cool parents.
There are cool parents but they are definitely not us.
I found out, and it wasn't very hard, that if you don't ski in the winter or do camping on the summer you are for sure not a cool person, at least not here, in the American North West. So we don't do both, can you imagine that?
OK - I really don't mind - I'm not a teenager (thanks god!) that cares all the time what all the others do. But I'm not talking about me I'm talking about Perry, to have uncool parents is one of the first sad facts one needs to deal with. And to be that uncool parent is a problem as well.
So we are not doing camping/skiing but we do go to vacations - wherever we can find a nice place with comfortable beds, private bathroom, amazing view that without any effort on our side pushes itself through the window etc.

Few miles north to our vacation rental window
Yaquina- Bay ,Newport, Oregon

If I'm trying to focus my guilt feelings to one issue, regarding my 6 YO - I would say - "the roasted marshmallow thing". This is the center of my guilt feelings.
How come a kid who is already 6 YO has never experienced a marshmallow roasting feast with his parents? Isn't it awful?! Think about the psychological damage...

Uncool parents and their son with a pack of raw marshmallows

That's one of the reasons why I enjoyed so much the vacation we just came back from in the coast. This time we went with our cool friends from Bolivia - Blanca, Gonzalo and Naira. The ocean is just one hour and a half from Eugene but when it's boiling hot here it is usually very foggy and cold there.
This was our vacation in the coast this time - 3 days inside a cloud with a loud sound of the invisible ocean. Great for all kinds of spirtual adventures.

Blanca Moshe and Perry flying kite on the foggy beach

But back to the main issue which is not that spirtual: for me the goal of this vacation was to get rid of guilt feelings. Gonzalo fixed fire on the beach and we did the roasted marshmallow ceremony at last.
I Must be honest and admit that - no! I myself - guilty or not - was the only one that didn't touch it - come on - it's like a piece of plastic rubber melting on fire. What can be worse than that?
Correct - the s'mores - we did it too. A sandwich made of 2 graham crackers, a piece of chocolate in the middle and on the chocolate the sweet burnt rubber that's supposed to melt the chocolate.
I didn't know about this one from before but I was more then happy to get rid of two guilt items from my Jewish mom list, in one time.

Blanca, Gonzalo, Moshe Perry and Naira
The Northwest American Dream - campfire on the beach

Moshe did his best, but his peaceful state of mind
blacked dead at least 10 white marshmallows

Blanca enjoys the s'more and Perry thinks about it

At last - The Salvation - We are cooler than we were

Today, a day after we are back I asked Perry:
- How was the vacation on the beach?
- Fun, the lighthouse wasn't so fun, it wasn't so interesting but climbing on the rocks was fun!
- How was it to build the castle on the beach ?
- Fun!
(OK I couldn't hold it anymore -) And how was the roasted marshmallows ?
- Yak!
(and you can trust me with this guy, he didn't say it for me)

Yaquina lighthouse ,Newport, Oregon

And by the way - regarding uncool parents - if you haven't seen the movie:
The Thing About My Folks - with Peter Falk in unbelievable touching and funny role, it is highly recommended.


Kylie B said...

Sounds like a good Movie I will check it out!

Fantastic Pics BTW!

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thanks for the comment. I can only tell you - watch out for the talc powder!

shin said...

tamar, i am with you about the melted camp fire marshmallow and s'mores. marshmallow to me just pure sugar and is unbearable to put it inside my month. having a campfire at a cold foggy beach does sound cool to me. and you should try grilling a sausage or hotdog next time with the camp fire (if there is a next time). i don't know what you will think, but i am sure perry will fall in love with it. maybe that is not such a good idea then. he might bug you about getting camp fire more often in the future.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you Shin - that's Sound much better idea, something to wait for (grilling a sausage or hot dog on a campfire).....
+ as you may know Perry loves hot dogs!!!

QuiteNice said...

I grew up and still live in Colorado. Growing up a lot of my friends went sking in Breckinridge for the weekend. I had no desire to go skiing and still don't. My family did other things. I bet your child will have great memories of the family just doing fun things.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you (Sandy or Kellie?) for this comment.
My trip to Colorado is a super fun memory, what a beautiful state!
Maybe we'll take Perry to have some fun and see Colorado too.