Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The School Hot Dogs

What a fun dinner did my son, Perry, have yesterday !
I finally put myself together, did a short research and revealed the secret source of the tastiest thing ever. I simply did it! I asked his teacher for the brand and the shop that sells these hot dogs that he eats at school. In other words, the ones that he dreams of while he has to eat his mom's food..."not so good", "I don't like it", "yak!"'

See me - I was one these ordinary people that are sure that they won't put any junk food to their kid's mouth no matter what.
So here I am.
But there is a god. Apparently these hot dogs made from turkey(+) and are so organic(++++) and lack all the artificial bad stuff(+++!).
....I guess that's why they smell so bad...... I mean - awful.
I got no clue why Perry likes them so much. But as I said, it so good in so many ways - and one extra important thing is that because of this "different" smell you don't have to fight with the tempting smell that most hot dogs have. The smell that can make you want to kidnap your own kid's food (it feels so low) - even when you know that you are "not allowed" to eat such junk.

So perry is so pleased with the fact that now we have a gourmet food at home.
After he ate three of them, he complimented me with : "Great job IMA! " (IMA means mom in Hebrew) , My favorite complement - when I got it I know that I probably did my best.

Now I'm thinking - How come I don't have any art work that includes fun food? I must work on it....
Wait ! I do have fun staff and fun food stuff! After all I am a fun person!
What about these 2 guys sitting at an exotic beach, somewhere in Hawaii or Mexico, the Caribbeans or wherever, having cocktails and imported "cheese on the rocks" :

"Change of Scenery" Fun food and drinks
to experience the full interactive option of this scene
( not before turning on the volume control on your computer!)

And wait one sec - for this project Perry also graded me with "Great job IMA"!
I'm so proud....must share.....


blueberryjunkie said...

Nice blog. At least Perry is eating organic. My son is only 17months old and he used to like everything I made. Lately, he is becoming pickier...he is rejecting things. If he only dislikes it mildly, he will only spit it out, if he hates it, he will actually scrape off his tongue with his fingers.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you blueberryjunkie!
I know - it's hard - especially when you are a crafty mom (like us) .... after all homemade food is a handmade item!