Friday, February 13, 2009

Close to your heart

"Take a deep inhale.....OMMMMMMMM .........OMMMMMMM..........OMMMMMMMMMMM....... now put your hands close to your heart in Namaste".

True - I've started taking yoga classes recently. At last, I found the right teacher and the right group.
Even all the New-Age talking are does not bother me like it did the other times I tried to practice Eastern disciplines.
After each class I am relaxed and this is a lot; chat a bit in Sanskrit, think about love and peace - why did I think before that I wouldn't like it?
I do like it and especially love the Namaste pose - it so close to your heart!

In the last few months I developed new relationship with the shape of heart too. I never liked this shape before - it was too much of a cliché. But now, after varnishing my age as new - I found it the heart shape inspiring.
So, I bought myself a bunch of wood hearts, sized 3X3", took out my acrylic and pencils colors and started working - close to my heart.

I'm having a wonderful time painting my favorite animals on these wooden hearts.
It seems like the characters enjoy it too. They like their quiet and safe space on the wood and they know that, with time, they will find a somebody that will put them on the modern pedestal (also known as "the fridge"). I have 9 listed hand painted heart sets in my shop right now.

Gabriel , Hand-Painted Cat MagnetsGabriel , Hand-Painted Cat Magnets
Finally, I couldn't resist putting my comics strips on these high quality wood hearts. It just felt right. One couple of these comics hearts deal with an issue that is close to my heart: the length of the winter here in Oregon - like good Voodoo dolls, these magnets will make winter shorter.

I guess you have to try and stay close to your heart.

Release with deep exhale.


Enzie Shahmiri said...

The bird magnets are very whimsical and cute.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thanks Enzie!