Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You really push it, David!

"That's how it starts out, unnoticed, only around the edges. Freezing nights stain it with orange, which sometimes turns into red later. Right now, it's happening now. They've got the wind direction ( and dropping of temperatures at night is already 'old news') but, as a fresh rumor, they pass on the code from one to another. Later they will take a deep breath and start with that. Of course not, not all react the same; after all some of them have a broad foliage, others jagged in many heart-shaped leaves*. "Conscience addicted" we called them last year. Not that I encourage generalizations. Still, it suited them, constantly the suffering over a sin, adhering to a collective self-blame. "Nuisances," you might say. The maple leaves, in contrast can be identified at one second - those who know the work, a species of iron, organized around a clear statement. What eloquence. Simple pleasure. Exactly, like the flag of Canada. "

That's how it starts - maple leaves

Believe me, he did not know if she was just babbling, or if she was really trying to say something that holds water. On second thought, it was like her. Lately, she's been going to far with dogs, reading medieval poetry and now, great! She loses orientation due to trees ... but still, he was listening. Holding a bag full of succulent pumpkin seeds, looking at her and munching nuts (maybe she wanted to immigrate to Canada?)

"It's going to be so colorful soon, like a poster you can not save ...." , No way! she is not interested in any bourgeois documentation, no way! She is not going to dry them and paste them later in a perfumed notebook. "That's so patronizing of you, David!"
How much he cares about the foliage somewhere in the northern continents? As much as he cares about a garlic's peel, as wiser people than him said before. He does not like changes and is not made to make any impact. Still he felt dramatic (that is, divided in regards to Batsheva).

*(For example the Catalpa speciosa leaves)

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