Friday, March 12, 2010

Owls, Cats and Dinner (a Dialog)

Owl welcome sign
- "I'm thinking about having a couple more owls, James, the walls of the bathroom are so empty and depressing, don't you agree?".
- "Why owls, what is so special about them?" he asked her, for the you-can't-count-what time.

- "It's a bird that knows how to listen sees
the real you", she explained with the same old words for the you-still-can't-count-what time.
- "Our house is already filled with tons of owl items, they listen to us and see the real us from everywhere, all day and night long, don't you feel you had enough?" he said.
- "Not at all, I must have more! You can never have too many best friends, can you? beside that, you have your real fat, hairy cats all over the furniture, so I need my owls. I don't care if they are not real, actually I like it better that way... after all, the vacuum machine is already suffocating on the hairs of your semi-domesticated tigers."
- "OK hon... have more owls, whatever... what's for dinner"?

- "We are having Italian style roasted chicken, a spacial recipe from my sewing group, with brown rice and broccoli - it's good for you! and I'll cut for us a few slices of pineapple, the best source of vitamin C and also perfect as dessert.... oh ya...Where is the cutting board?!"
- "It's right in front of you, hanging on the wall!"

- Oh my Gosh darling! Not the "Owl with Flowers"! I would never do that ! it's hand painted, one of a kind piece! I'm looking for the plastic cutting board, the one that we bought at Target ... oh here it is!"

- "Are you still planing on going to the Red Wings concert or whatever bird these women have called their bend after?" He left her at the kitchen and walked slowly toward the living room...
- "Oh yes, absolutely! Diane told me that they are fabulous! but I can't remember the time... did you see where I put their brochure? "
- "I think it's on the fridge under one of your heart shaped owl magnet ....."

- "you're right, it's on the fridge, now come over, dinner is on the table... please close your cats in the computer room, I want to eat my chicken quietly, without the envying sounds of wild animals."

- "Dinner was great darling! You're so gifted when it comes to birds - cooking or decorating.... "
- " Oh don't be disgusting James!", she went to put the dishes in the dish washer, while he mumbled...

- OK dear, OK.... you were never too easy going about getting a compliment...but anyway I left you something on the table. and now I'm off to my chess club meeting...
- "What is it James"?

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