Sunday, January 3, 2010

Local Treasure

Our first time at the hazelnut lover's haven was about a year ago when we came back from the ocean and saw this promising sign on the side of road:

Even though we were exhausted, we took a left turn,
What other choice we had?

On Hwy 99 West , in the Willamette Vally, between Eugene to Corvallis, Oregon, we found a treasure: "Hazelnut Hill".
Yesterday we drove there again to load ourselves with the best nuts and the best-nuts-inside chocolate - ever, and this time I took my camera with me, for you.

A friendly, unpaved side-way of about half a mile leads
to the goal

It's was the last weekend of the winter vacation and the place was still full with nutcrackers. But for a change, they weren't nutcrackers that lost their way in the Christmas rush into one of the hundreds of productions of the famous ballet of "The Nutcracker" - they were wooden colorful nutcrackers in their perfect location - A picturesque small family candy factory based on nuts - a full time job of cracking!
This timing fact also gave us very peaceful visit there - usually (and for sure before the holidays) the place is crowded with non stop smiling visitors.

Moshe is not smiling since he is cracking his
own private tough question:
How many packs
of hazelnut butter should he buy this time - 3 or4?
Perry is in a different state of mind digging in his
vanilla ice cream and strongly refusing to have any
syrup or hazelnut topping (perfect place for that...)

Chocolates filled with almonds, hazelnuts, cherries, blueberries...

As we learned from the owner, the Willamette Vally
hazelnuts to the whole US since it got the
climate to grow them.
For some childish reason, I felt so proud all of the sudden.....

The outside from the inside

The outside from the outside
We are loaded and ready to go home

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