Monday, November 16, 2009

Visual Pleasure

It might sound a bit crazy, not to say decadent but -
I'm ready to pay Kitty our cat good money for sleeping in her bed.
When I first brought this bed home from the store (because I couldn't help myself from buying it) I didn't believe any cats really slept in these beds - it seemed too perfect and cats never "behave perfectly". That's why I like them so much.
I told myself if she wouldn't sleep in this bed I'm ready to pay her for doing so.
I had to have this cute image materialize in my living room. It would be such a treat, like having a fancy flower arrangement in your living room - it would improve your day in a second.
But Kitty surprised me - it was a love from the first touch. She liked the bed and immediately went to sleep in it (for the next 12 hours...).
That was last year.

kitty catWhat are these pieces of paper and metal supposed to mean?

It reminds me that when we first met the daycare culture in the US we were so amazed by the fact that almost every basic action a child is doing earns the reward :"great job!"
I think our breaking point was the time when we came to pick up Perry after their nap time and we watched the teacher helping a 4 YO girl at the recover for the nap, not missing the reward - "great job sleeping Emilia!" (Now - what's that supposed to mean?!)

kitty cat- (People are so boring, I must take a nap!)
- Kitty you are doing such a great job!
("Great job sleeping, Kitty!"...)

kitty catBoth are amazingly pretty and relaxing:
flowers in a vase and a cat in it's own bed

Yesterday it was so cold that I took out the cat bed from the storage and started paying Kitty again. She kept saying: you don't need to pay, I enjoy sleeping here.

kitty catShe, nevertheless, uses the money for her holiday shopping
and the rest she keeps in her piggy bank.


Blanca said...

I love this post!
I am willing to pay too jajajajaja

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thank you Blanca!
OK! you can talk money with Kitty on Saturday...
over Tshulent..

Kelley said...

That is so cute! She looks awfully cozy in there. What does the purple sign near her bed say?

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

It is a sign my son did for her and it says:
"kitty's classroom" in another corner of our living room there is a sign that says:
"Kitty's police officer station"....

Hevel said...

Oh the let's reward everyone thing drives me majorly crazy! The fact that at awards ceremonies everyone gets an award is like... argh! What's the point if everyone is getting one? Ans then they frown at communists... (And I'm only half joking with that.)

Thanks for adding my blog!

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Good point about frowning at communists!....I've never thought about that...