Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cardboard Feeling and The Bald Jewish Guy

We have been living in the university family housing for five years now - and there are times when it hits me: we are living on the 3 rd floor of a cardboard box!
the cardboard feelings got real lately, and it's not a spiritual one.
The younger generation did a clear job to prove it:
Kitty (3 YO), our cat exposed this fact in a very simple way, she put all her low energy in to this black fancy schmancy computer chair, and here what she found out: it isn't a chair it's a mixed of cardboard, sponge and other faked materials object that just pretend to be your forever computer chair.

Kitty's home most common activity

.... And she doesn't miss the corners...

Now Perry (6 YO) with his high energy found out, a few days ago, that the walls of the bathroom (and probably the rest of the apartment as well) are made of a mix of unidentified thin staff: translation: This is not a wall - it's white paint that covers nothing.

Perry hit the door of the bathroom in to the wall
and guess what? - Nothing!

With these facts around I feel pretty ready (... Pretty good if you know Larry David shticks) for the the upcoming wet fall and winter... And also pretty ready to the new (seventh) season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" that just started (it's seems like we've been waiting for ever!).
I hope that our sofa is real, so we can watch this season comfortably.

The outside of the cardboard box
The university housing in the winter
(Just being a bit dramatic... it snowed here only a couple of days each winter)

I live in a paper house with paper furniture but I can watch "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and in a very childish way can feel that Larry David is the neighbor next door and that I know him from ever. He's made himself up so brilliantly in this series that I can even mix between our neighborhood! Translation: Beverly Hills has fused with University of Oregon family housing...


esque said...

I love Curb your Enthusiasm! My favorite episode is the one with the ice cream shop. Hilarity.

I've moved on from the cardboard apartments (they are everywhere in California) and moved to Europe where all apartments are made from concrete. Much better.


Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Oh Yes, the ice cream.... "samples, samples... well you can't sample everything. Just make a choice!"