Monday, July 13, 2009

Cutting Board Inspiration

I like men that cook but I don't think I could have Moshe cook in my own little niche.
I am aware of the fact that it may sound very old fashioned but - Hey - I do welcome him to wash the dishes, anytime (unfortunately the our kitchen is not big enough to put a dish washer...).
He does wash the dishes, everyday, slowly but thoroughly.
There are also other dinning room decoration objects, other than a man who quietly washes the dishes, that feel me with inspiration. All of those objects fill me with cooking inspiration, wishes and long distance dreams.
Cooking is a great time to think and be inspired - especially if at the end of the process, you also eat the food that you have made... daily.....
Maybe that's why I enjoyed so much to paint this series of decorative cutting boards. (you are welcome to see more pictures of these at my store).

Inspiration Sources
Moshe and the Cutting Board Series

(missing is the blue owl that was already sold)

They are painted with acrylic and pencil colors and then covered with glaze to protect them but still are for decorative use only.

Here is a short introduction of the Decorative cutting board series members:

The white Cat Cutting Board

The white Cat Decorative Cutting Board
3 things that I don't have right now:
A garden with a wooden fence, a view to a snowy mountain and a white cat,
3 supreme images look at while preparing
white desserts which are decorated with strawberries/cherries.

The Red lily Decorative cutting board

The Gauguin's Lily Cutting Board

Ideal for prompting you to cook a romantic and spicy meal

The Bunny Decorative cutting board

The Bunny Cutting Board

Expert in ideas for new combination of fresh salads

The Fish Decorative cutting board

The Fish Cutting Board

I'll Let You Guess... (but do not forget to add lemon)

The Owls Cutting Board

Stop cooking immediately!
Go buy a flying ticket to Hawaii ! (owl #2)


Anonymous said...

Great cutting boards - the fish and Owl #2 are my favorites.

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thanks Anonymous!