Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in Eugene

....Couldn't make it to the computer in Israel to update this blog - was too busy !
Paradoxically enough, here in Eugene I had been much more updated with the Israeli news than in our four weeks in Israel. The distance from the computer saved me from refreshing the homepages of the national newspapers (a common action that I perform a few times every day while at my computer). The result of staying away from my electronic beast - a month without news from Israel - was an excellent experience and gave me more quality time with friends and family.
Beside the fact that Dudu Topaz, the ex-popular host of distasteful guest shows, top star of crap TV confessed that he hired people to smash top TV mangers' faces because they refused to hire him for future seasons - It was kind of a "quiet" peaceful time in Israel.

After few days in the Mediterranean heat, though, I gave up the plans to visit exciting sites at the south of the country - at this season a mercilessly hot desert. The change of plans made us spend the most refreshing time in Tel-Aviv. So this post will be about Tel Aviv. This city is amazingly humid and lively (I am not sure if there is a connection between the last two facts). I think that the coffee places and restaurants simply doubled their number since the last time we visited (2 years ago) . Full places all over the city all day long and it seem like all night long as well.

I Met all my friends in these places and I must tell you that the food in Tel-Aviv is great and atmosphere is cool! The places on the beach are fun, no matter the temperature.

Meeting my Friend Yoa at Gilli's, Tel Aviv Harbor
(North Part of Tel Aviv Beach)

Perry, Facing the Heat and Humidity of his Birth Land
(South Part of Tel Aviv Beach - Towards Jaffa)

We were lucky to be in Israel when the events of The Book Week in Israel took place.
The Book Week is the main event of the year for book publishers and book lovers and happens every June. Tons of books are sold over this book celebration that is located both in the stores and on the main plazas of the cities.

Sweaty Moshe and his crop
The Book Week at Tel Aviv

The Book Week at Tel Aviv

As I promised to myself, we went to see two dance performances. The best between the two was "Oyster" by Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company that we saw at the Susan Dalal Center. Super original and so well done - Bravo!

Susan Dalal Center is one of my favorite place in Israel - a dance center that is well designed, intimate and fun to visit. I think you can safely say that the Susan Dalal Center is a Tel Aviv style place that you won't see in any other place. Susan Dalal Center is located in Neve Tzedek (Oasis of Justice) neighborhood which is full with cool restaurants and boutique stores and is, as a bonus, a walking distance from the beach!

Susan Dalal Center, Tel Aviv

Susan Dalal Center, Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek (Oasis of Justice) Neighborhood, Tel Aviv

11:00 Pm - we give a special visit to the Art Plus Hotel to see my friend, Ayelet Carmi's works on the first floor.
Great work Ayelet! I love what you did there, as a bonus each room has Aylet Carmi's print, since we stayed this time at my sister's - we didn't see the prints - maybe next time, but here are the walls out of the gusts rooms.

Ayelet Carmi's Walls at the Art Plus Hotel
35 Ben Yehuda St.Tel Aviv

See you next time with Haifa!


Joshua T. said...

Tamar, Are the Palm trees from the Suzanne Delal center the ones that you use on your cards?

Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

You are right Joshua - they look similar....! but no - the palm trees that I use on my cards are hand painted.
Thanks for your comment.