Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going Home

On Wednesday we will start our journey toward our home country, Israel, also known as "The Holy Land."
It will be a journey since we'll stop first in Boston for few days and then fly from there to Israel and stay there for 4 weeks.
I will keep writing from there, although it might take me a week or two to get over the jet-lag and be focused enough. My Etsy shop is closed until June the 26th - I'm ready to take off !
Beside looking froward to seeing my family and friends I feel that being out of Israel for such a long time (last time we visited was 2 1/2 years ago) makes this visit also a kind of intellectual mission:
What places I want to visit? what do I miss the most?
So - how about - a visit through the clear joyful eyes that tourists use ? ....sounds good to me!

Jerusalem - circa 7th Century BCE.

Many of the tourists that come to visit Israel come to visit the Holy Land with a strong religious/spirtual inner feeling - well.......too late - I am a lost case here.
So what type of tourist could I be?
Imagine I've never seen the Batsheva Dance Company preform - and then it could be my first time?
Oh....I'm looking forward to see them again and I've already checked - they will have a new show coming up on June !!! I can see it in the 'Suzanne Dellal' center, what a fun place.... Oh.... I feel it ...this is so spirtual!
....And what about the amazing ruins site of Caesarea? super at daytime, but hey - they also have a huge amazing ancient amphitheater just by the Mediterranean sea where some of the best performances take place! super duper spirtual!
Now....Let's imagine that I don't know Ayelet Carmi's fascinating art, I can visit the new ART Boutique hotel in Tel-Aviv and see her art work cover a whole floor!
...Maybe even stay in one of the guest rooms for a couple of nights? After all I'm an arty person....
And surely - the Dead sea, Masada and fish restaurants!

I'll do my best to stay in a sharing mood also as a tourist (without being over detailed -I know it can be impossible to bare......) and put some pictures here for you between, hopefully my spirtual experiences.
Till soon and from a different angle ( relation with the moon, that is)!


QuiteNice said...

I bet you will have a wonderful time in Israel. Please take lots of pictures and blog when you get a chance. I'm sure we'll all be waiting for your next posting.


Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

Thanks Sandy!