Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The runner's new clothes

Close to where we live, there is a fun professional track for running and also a long track for jogging and walking. People around here run all the time. No matter what the weather says: rain, hail, wind or snow. Even when it's freezing and the surface becomes very slippery. Through the window I can see them running, thin figures crossing the freezing air as if they sense nothing. sometime I think they were simply "born to freeze".
To be on the safe side and just in case I increase the temperature on the heater and cover myself with another layer whenever I see one of these pecularities.

When it's snowing - from our window

Remember: we are, basically, visitors here, people who originated from the desert.... so my husband, Moshe, who also goes running twice a week runs at the university's covered track.
"Not anymore!" he said few days ago. "I will buy special clothes for running in a cold weather and won't need to drive to the university for running."
"OK," I said, "that sounds reasonable to me."

Yesterday was a warmer day - with highs around 50. About noon I told Moshe, "I'm going to take a walk. Why don't you wear your new gear and join me in a few minutes, I'll wait for you on the track".

Oh my god!!! I couldn't believe to my eyes. "Does this person belong to me? what has crossed his mind when he covered himself with this ballerina clothes and got out of our door?"
suddenly I noticed wearing his blue tight shirt he even seemed to have a 13 years old girl breast... "...and what happened to his lags? They look like the legs of a starving thin bird."

See our kitty in the window - even she is confused

"I'm so sorry dear BUT you must go back home and change immediately, Oh wait... not before I'll take few pictures."