Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The French Dogs

Thinking about dogs.
I Want to create things after dogs and puppies like many people make and many others love.
I'm trying to recall powerful memories I have of dogs.
I got it!

... Back in my 20s, I was living in Nahalal my home town, a rural place in Northern Israel. That time I had a small apartment, few blocks from my parents. A weird sound at my door - I opened - a black doberman stood at my door step staring at me.
I wasn't frightened, he had a desire for communication on his face. I gave him some water; he drank it and left. Truly, it was a spiritual connection.

Nahalal IsraelNahalal, Israel - My home town
Photo by Wikimedia

Second memory - I'm going to establish my art exhibition of the term in the art school in Jerusalem. it was the Sabbath and there is almost nobody in the huge building.
Across the road the Palestinian village is very lively. I'm stepping up hill from the empty parking lot to the entrance, carrying all my stuff. From nowhere a bulldog stands in front of me blocking the way growling at me.
I freaked out, thinking, "this monster is going to eat me alive and nobody will notice. Forget about ever exhibiting your staff". I don't know from what archive of knowledge but it seems like I had an instinct somewhere: I opened my mouth and started flattering this guy with a soft voice, "you're a sweet dog.......yes, you are good........." magic! He was convinced. Moving his tail happily, he asked for a petting.
(See - I did used positive thinking in my life at least once).

Chateau de Cheverny Loire valley, FranceTastes good!
Chateau de Cheverny, Loire valley, France

Third and last one - France - the perfect vacation I had in my life - visiting the Loire Valley, tasting the best wine and food ever (and sure envy this perfect attitude French people treat themselves with).

Chateau de Cheverny Loire valley, France
Chateau de Cheverny Loire valley, FranceSmells good!
Chateau de Cheverny Loire valley, France

We visited Chateau de Cheverny, a place where hunting dogs are bred. The dogs have their "teacher" who feeds them with raw meat by order. It's a daily hipnotizing visual show to the tourists. Magnetic and disgusting at the same time.
A group of disciplined blue blooded dogs who will do anything for their human leader, withstanding their primeval desire for the fresh meat.

I left the dogs to the chateau and created, from other elements of the Loire Valley, "valentine's day - The french way". My own longing for perfect treat in France, because after all - mostly I miss my good memories.

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